JTECH Rugged Server & Staff System - 3 Pagers

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  • Rugged Server & Staff Paging System with 3 pagers
  • Rugged Pager
  • Rugged Pager
  • 6 Position Charger
  • Neo Staff Transmitter
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System Includes:
Neo Transmitter, 3 Rugged Pagers, Rugged Pager Charger
Up to 1 Mile Line-of-Site Coverage


JTECH paging systems are covered with a 2 year warranty.


JTECH paging systems are covered with a 2 year warranty.
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The Neo Server & Staff Transmitter with 3 Rugged Pagers is our most economical staff paging transmitter. It's perfect for restaurants and businesses that need a simple space-saving solution. The staff transmitter comes with an optional dry-erase board numbered 1 - 20 so you can quickly jot down orders, guests, etc. with a grease pencil. The Neo Transmitter uses UHF technology and has it's own system ID, eliminating interference.  It's fast, reliable and can manage up to 20 pagers. Our Rugged Pager is built to last and extremely reliable. The set-up, maintenance and programming is quick and easy. The Rugged Pager is perfect for large teams. With programmable alert types, you can choose from a combination of vibe, flash or beep. The Rugged Pager is one of our most popular-selling staff pagers for restaurants, warehouses, hospitals and more.


Rugged Server and Staff Paging System Includes:

Qty 1:   Neo Staff Transmitter
Qty 3:   Rugged Pagers
Qty 1:   Rugged Charger - 6 slot
Qty 1:   Dry Erase Mounting Board for Transmitter


Transmitter Specifications


  • 2 x 3 inch 4 line display
  • LED backlit digital screen
  • Water-resistant polyurethane 


  • Frequency range: 450 - 468 MHZ
  • FCC Identifier: WDC 
  • IC Identifier: 7752A 
  • Channel Spacing: 12.5 KHz
  • Speed / Baud Rate: 512/1200 bps


  • DC 12V, 3.5A, SMPS
  • RF Output (Watts): 1 Watt
  • Format: POCSAG Extended Range Technology

Extended Range Technology

  • UHF Technology
  • Unique System ID eliminates interference
  • Up to 1 mile line-of-site coverage


Rugged Pager Specifications 


  • Flash, Vibe or Beep 
  • Vibe / Flash
  • Vibe / Beep
  • Flash / Beep
  • Vibe / Flash / Beep
  • Out-of-Range Alert

Rechargeable Battery

  • Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH)
  • User replaceable
  • Indicator light while charging or when needs replacement
  • 2-3 year pager battery life (dependent on use)


  • Backlit for enhanced visibility
  • Supports up to 9999 pagers
  • Built “restaurant tough” for maximum durability

Belt Clip

  • Metal smooth edge
  • Plastic spring clip


  • 6 Slot Power Charger (connect multiple Power Chargers via jumper wire for expanded capacity)
  • 12 Slot Programmable Charger
  • Charges all pagers in 4 hours
  • Extends battery life without overcharging

Extended Range Technology

  • UHF Frequency
  • Unique System ID eliminates interference
  • Up to 2 miles of of site coverage




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