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JTECH StaffCall IQ - IStation Staff Paging System - 10 Pagers

  • StaffCall IQ - iStation Staff Paging System
  • iStation Master Controller Diagram
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System Includes:
10 StaffCall IQ Pagers, StaffCall IQ Charging Tower, IStation Staff Transmitter
Up to 2 Miles of Direct Sight Coverage


JTECH paging systems are covered with a 2 year warranty.


JTECH paging systems are covered with a 2 year warranty.
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The IStation Transmitter is our most robust transmitter. Designed for quick and easy coordination of front-of-house and back-of-house operations. The IStation makes data logging effortless for capturing useful analytics such as wait times, peak hours and communication patterns. Integrates with pagers, HostConcepts™ Waitlist App and popular 3rd party KDS or POS systems like MICROS, NCR Aloha,QSR, DineTime, Brink, PAR and more! IStation Master Controller is network addressable with repeater, teleconnect and page-by-phone capability. Privacy and hard-to-reach areas are easily solved with the IStation. Easily Integrate IStation with other paging systems and software applications for complete control over your business.

 JTECH StaffCall IQ - iStation Staff Paging System Includes:

  • Qty 1:  IStation Transmitter
  • Qty 10: StaffCall IQ Pagers (Batteries Included)
  • Qty 1: StaffCall IQ Pager Charging Tower

IStation Features:

  • Reservations - Sync the IStation with HostConcepts™ to allow guests to put themselves on your waitlist with TapAhead Seating.
  • Guest Communication - UseDirect-to-SMS texting or any of our GuestCall® pagers to notify guests that their table is ready.
  • Waitlist Management - Use the HostConcepts™ waitlist app to send alerts, track reservations, manage seating, staff and more!
  • Service & Alerts - Supports TableScout™, table status alert system allowing restaurants to turn tables faster.
  • Online / Mobile Orders - Never miss an online order! With CloudAlert™, you can immediately convert mobile order emails via Olo, BeyondMenu, DoorDash and others into pager alerts! 
  • Flexible Integration - Third-party POS and KDS system integration capability.
  • Manager & Staff Communication - Supports alpha-numeric text and Wearable pagers to quickly notify staff. 
  • Data Logging - Track and store useful data such as wait times, peak hours and pager communication behavior to streamline operations. 
  • Table Management - Customize a table layout for the host stand with HostConcepts™ complete restaurant management system.Specifications

IStation Specifications: 


  • 2 x 3 inch 8 line display
  • Blue LED backlit digital screen
  • Water-resistant polyurethane 


  • Frequency range: 450 - 468 MHZ
  • FCC Identifier: WDC-ISTATION-N
  • IC Identifier: 7752A-ISTATION-N 
  • Channel Spacing: 12.5 KHz
  • Baud Rate: 512/1200 bps


  • Serial: DB9- DCE (female) Connector
  • Data Rates: 1200, 9600, 38400, 57600
  • Characters: 8 Data Bits
  • Stop Bits: 1
  • Telco:  RJ11 4-pin connector to PBX


  • Interface: Ethernet 10Base-T
  • Connector: RJ45
  • Protocols: TCP/IP, ARP, ICMP
  • Indicators (LED): Link & Activity
  • Management: SNMP, Telnet, Serial, Internal Web Server and Windows based utility for configuration.


  • DC 12V, 3.5A, SMPS
  • RF Output (Watts): 2 Watts
  • Pagin format: POCSAG

Long Range Technology

  • UHF Frequency
  • Unique System ID eliminates interference
  • Up to 2 miles of of sight coverage

Multicast Routing

  • Connect multiple IStations to extend your coverage. 


The StaffCall IQ® server pager is designed as the most robust pager for your paging system. Inform staff by sending detailed text messages with up to 7 lines of text. Save time by automating communications with up to 10 pre-programmable text or image alerts.If a sleek look and feel are important to you, the full color display and low profile belt clip gives a first-class impression. Show off your brand with a custom jpeg logo visible on the display screen.
The StaffCall IQ® Server Pager Features:
  • UHF Technology - Up to 2 miles of line-of-sight coverage with unique ID to prevent signal interference.
  • Supports Large Teams - 4 digit pager number capability for large enterprises. Communicate with multiple departments & teams.
  • Display Company Logo - Upload your company logo to be displayed on the TFT display for a custom look and feel. 
  • Smart Alerts - Out-of-Range and Search ensures contact and minimizes pager loss.
  • Flexible Programming Options - Change pager programing over air, via charger, via micro USB connector or software.
  • Ample Storage - Save and store important messages with a generous 8 cap code storage capacity.

The StaffCall IQ® Server Pager Specifications:


  • Full color TFT display
  • LED digital number
  • 16 characters per line x 7 lines
  • Display your logo via jpg image

Rechargeable Battery

  • Lithium Ion
  • User replaceable
  • Indicator light while charging or when needs replacement
  • 2-3 year pager battery life (dependent on use)


  • Backlit for enhanced visibility
  • Supports up to 9999 pagers
  • Built “restaurant tough” for maximum durability


  • Flash, beep or vibrate
  • Out-of-Range alert ensures staff contact
  • Search alert locates missing pagers with the touch of a button


  • Text or graphics (128 x 64)
  • Up to 10 pre-programmable messages
  • 8 cap storage code

Smart Charging

  • Space-saving tower charger
  • Charges all pagers in 2 hours
  • Extends battery life without overcharging

Smart Programming 

  • Over air, via charger, micro USB connector or software
  • Change Base ID, Frequency, Alert type, time & SN 
  • Allows bulk programming via charger

Long Range Technology

  • UHF Frequency
  • Unique System ID eliminates interference
  • Up to 2 miles of sight coverage