$20.00 $17.95
The Motorola CLP Cloning Cable (HKKN4026A) allows users to clone radio settings from one radio to another. Improve organization and convenience. Cloning cables may also be used to charge CLP BlueTooth (H720) Headsets with the CLP Multi-Unit...
$60.00 $54.95
Motorola CLP Series Single Unit Desktop Charger with AC adapter Compatible with CLP1010, CLP1040 and CLP1060 radios 4.2V, 10-Hour Single-Unit Charger Rapid charging with LED charging status indicator Charges Radio or Battery  
$225.00 $199.00
The Motorola CLP Series Multi-Unit Charger (HKPN4007A)  A multi-unit charger and adapter designed to charge up to 6 CLP-series communication radios at once. It provides rapid-speed charging and has LED indicators to show charging status. The...
$39.00 $35.95
Motorola CLP Cloning Cable The Motorola CLP Programming Cable (HKKN4025A) allows users to program CLP Series Radios.
$50.00 $44.95
Charge up to (6) BlueTooth Pods (HKLN4512A) with the CLP Multi-Unit Charger Kit includes (6) Cradles Plug the new cradles into your CLP multi-unit charger to also charge the CLP Bluetooth Pods (HKLN4512A)
$20.00 $18.95
CLP1060 Bluetooth Pod Single Charger Motorola CLP BlueTooth POD single charging cradle with A/C adapter (HKLN4509). This convenient and compact single unit charger charges the CLP1060 Bluetooth Earpiece.